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You can register by clicking the “Login” button and then the “Job applicant's registration” button or by clicking this link. The registration is subject to the approval of the General Commercial Terms and Conditions.

The registration enables you to create your own personal profile, to upload your curriculum vitae (CV), to make it available to potential employers, as well as to be informed of vacancies through receiving job offers via the Job Courier service.

No, the registration of job applicants is free of charge. 

Once you registered on our portal, you will receive a confirmation email with a verification link. To confirm the registration, please click the link provided. After logging in to the “My Account” section you can start enjoying all the benefits offered to you by the portal.

You can log in to your account by clicking the “Login” button in the main menu or by clicking this link. Then enter the e-mail address that you used to register and your password. You log in by clicking the “Login” button.

Of course, information in your profile can be edited at any time in the “My Account” section.  

You may cancel your profile by sending the request to


You can upload your curriculum vitae after logging in to your account by clicking the "Upload my CV“ button or by clicking this link. We recommend that you upload as detailed and accurate CV as possible, which enables your potential employers easier search while increasing the likelihood that such employers get in touch with you.

Uploading of your CV is followed by its approval of our experts. As the portal is exclusively focused on gastronomy, hotel industry, and tourism, we want to be sure that you are qualified, experienced in a given filed or that you finished your studies at specialised schools. Therefore, your CV is only shown in the database for employers after its approval.

Job search

The job portal “” is the only dedicated job web portal in Slovakia that is focused exclusively on the hotel industry, gastronomy, and tourism. It is designed for hoteliers, owners of restaurants, travel agencies, recruitment agencies and for those who work in the field of HORECA or want to be employed in this field after graduation.

Our portal is focused on the hotel industry, gastronomy, and tourism. There are vacancies in hotels, restaurants or travel agencies. Job applicants who are experienced in such fields or wish to be employed in them after graduation may register on the portal for free and start enjoying all its benefits, upload their curricula vitae, search for job opportunities based on selected criteria or get a Job Courier to send existing job opportunities via e-mail. 

The portal includes only job vacancies in the hotel industry, gastronomy, and tourism. Therefore, it is intended for specialists in these fields. 

The Job Courier is a free service of our portal which allows you to receive job offers in your e-mail inbox based on the criteria you selected.

You can find a search form on the main page “HOTELITYJOBS.COM”. After entering a job position in which you are interested and the town in which you are seeking a job, click the “Search for job offers” button. Use the “Advanced search” tab to enter more detailed criteria. All job offers will also be displayed after clicking the “Job offers” button in the main menu.

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Use your e-mail address as your log-in name. If you still cannot log in, please contact us.

After clicking the “Login” button in the main menu in the upper right corner click the “Did you forget your password?” button, then enter your email address that you use for your account and click the “Recover my password” button. We will send then you an email with the instructions on how to create a new password.