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You can register by completing a registration form which can be found on the main page by clicking the “Login” button and then by clicking the “Company's registration” button or by clicking this link. The registration is subject to the approval of the General Commercial Terms and Conditions.

The portal is focused exclusively on Horeca, which  means only specialists in this field are included in our database. All job applicants' CVs were approved by our experts, which means that you do not have to go through hundreds of CVs of those  applicants who are not experienced in this field at all. You will find only CVs of applicants who studied at specialised schools and hotel academies, who were previously employed in the hotel industry, gastronomy or a travel agency and are experienced and qualified in these fields. At the same time, the registration enables you to advertise job vacancies at your facility.

Job offers

You can upload a job offer after logging in by clicking the “Login” button in the main menu. A job offer can be uploaded by clicking the “Upload a job offer” button in the main menu or by clicking this link. We recommend that you upload a job offer that has information and criteria on the applicants that is as accurate as possible in order to ensure that only the right job applicants will respond to your job offers. After completing the form your job offer is stored and displayed in the database of job offers. 

When using the services of our portal you can upload an unlimited number of job offers provided that you have purchased any of the products for a period of 1 month or longer. However, you may also upload a one-time advertisement for a period of 7 or 28 days. More information can be found in the Price list.

Of course, an already published job offer can be also edited after its publication, and such job offer may be deleted or its displaying suspended after you find an applicant suitable for filling your vacancy. All changes can be done after you log in to your profile. 

Such a job offer is shown on our portal immediately after being uploaded. 

The commercial terms and conditions and the price list can be found by clicking the “Price list and special offers” button on the main page or by clicking this link.

Technical issues


The job portal “Hotelityjobs” is the only dedicated job web portal in Slovakia, focused exclusively on the fields of hotel industry, gastronomy, and tourism. It is designed for hoteliers, owners of restaurants, travel agencies, recruitment agencies and for those who work in the field of HORECA or want to be employed in this field after graduation.

If you are an employer operating in the hotel industry, gastronomy or tourism, you can register on our portal. The commercial terms and conditions and the price list of advertising can be found at this link. After payment of the amount for the service package that you have ordered, you can start to unlimitedly use all the services of our portal, to upload job offers and browse through the database of job applicants' CVs that have been verified by us and to get in touch with suitable job applicants.

Jobseekers database

You can start using the CV database after you register and pay the fee for using the portal.